Bronson Outdoor MB 35 Standard Kit

Kit includes a MB 35 waterproof (IP67) 14,4 V NMC lithium-ion battery, a LB12S 5A charger and a WP 50 connector.
Portable 35 Ah (500 Wh) for 12V applications e.g. powering boat engines.

Maximum continuous discharge current: 55A
min. charge cycles: 500
Dimensions: 265 x 215 x 125 mm
Weight: 3.9 kg

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The Bronson Outdoor MB lithium-ion battery is specifically designed for demanding marine and outdoor use. The extremely durable housings are dust and water resistant (protection class IP67). Despite their high energy density, they are very light and easy to transport. With durable, corrosion-free hinges and a sturdy fold-out handle, the battery can be comfortably carried over longer distances.

Light: Despite strong performance, the MB lithium-ion battery weighs only a fraction of a conventional lead-acid battery.

Durable: With at least 500 charge cycles to reach 60% of original capacity, the MB lithium-ion battery is significantly more durable than a traditional gel or acid battery.

Efficient: Less energy is wasted in both the charging and discharging cycles of Bronson lithium-ion batteries reducing wasted electricity.

Robust: The extremely durable outdoor housings are dust and water resistant (protection class IP67).

Temperature resistant: The battery can be used within a temperature range of -20 ºC to +75 ºC, and therefore usable in almost every region and every season.

USB connection: While using the battery, another device can be connected and charged in parallel.

The LED display shows the charge status as well as any special situations relating to the BMS (Battery Management System). The Battery Management System (BMS) is equipped with many intelligent features to give you maximum security and ease of use. While charging and discharging the BMS will balance charge across all the cells in the pack to ensure maximum capacity over the lifetime of the battery.
In normal conditions the Battery will display the charge level on the 5 LED Display according to the relative charge level. Each LED represents approximately 20% level of charge with 5 being 100% and 1 being 20%. When your battery has less than 10% charge remaining, the final LED will start blinking to warn you that it will soon be completely depleted and will shut down.

The Bronson MB Series battery chargers use a fireproof case and professional advanced energy-saving PWM control chip. The lithium-ion battery will be optimally charged using a built-in constant current, constant voltage charging mode to optimally charge the Bronson Outdoor MB-Series 14.4V NMC lithium batteries. The battery will be charged at a constant current level until the battery nears completion and will reduce the current to safely bring the battery up to 100% charge level and then cut off charging at completion. The complete protection functions working together with the internal protection functions of your battery BMS to precisely monitor charging voltage and prevent overcharging the battery.

Please note the instructions for disposal of waste batteries.
Bronson Outdoor MB 35
Type of battery
Nominal Voltage
14,4V DC
Output Voltage Range
11,5-16,4V DC
Charging Voltage
16,8V DC
500 Wh
Max. continuous discharge current
Min. charging cycles up to 60% original capacity
3,9 kg kg
Dimension (L x W x H)
265 x 215 x 125 mm
Protection level
ø Operating time
≈ 1 - 2 h
ø Distance
≈ 4 - 8 Km
Charging time
7 h
5V 2,1A
Operating temperature
-20ºC to +75ºC
BMS features
Overvoltage protection
Overload protection
Deep discharge protection
High temperature protection
Protection against short circuits
Automatic cell balancing
Input Voltage Range
100-240V AC
Input Frequency
47-63 Hz
Input Current
1-5 A
Power plug type
EU-Schuko (Type F)
Charging Voltage
16,8V DC
Charging Current
5 A
LED Display
Red = charging
Green = finished
Operating temperature
-10 °C to +50 °C