Bronson Outdoor LC12S

5A charger for a Bronson Outdoor MB-Lithium-Ion Battery.
Suitable for the MB 35, MB 55 and MB 100 models.

Charging time of a MB 35: 7 h

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Bronson MB Series battery chargers use a fireproof case and professional advanced energy-saving PWM control chip. The lithium-ion battery will be optimally charged using a built-in constant current, constant voltage charging mode to optimally charge the Bronson Outdoor MB-Series 14,4V NMC lithium batteries. The battery will be charged at a constant current level until the battery nears completion and will reduce the current to safely bring the battery up to 100% charge level and then cut off charging at completion. The complete protection functions work together with the internal protection functions of the BMS to precisely monitor charging voltage and prevent overcharging the battery.
Input Voltage Range
100-240V AC
Input Frequency
47-63 Hz
Input Current
1-5 A
Power plug type
EU-Schuko (Type F)
Charging Voltage
16,8V DC
Charging Current
5 A
LED Display
Red = charging
Green = finished
Operating temperature
-10 °C to +50 °C